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Re: Admin request: Tapatalk support

in Milliways
I can’t seem to find this group on taptalk We've never had support for Tapatalk (if I recall correctly) and we have since gone out of our way to make sure Tapatalk will never be a thing. Among other things, their business practices aren't great. For more negative feedback, read through this thread. …

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

in Milliways
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/doHGd6pTEeZqGjv7umlQRwa2NrKWlawme7_S3cLtbhkqANPdSezAOcSw563-sZygxtlm3MAPpXWVcgLX1UsBCw9r7GLNTbpqSxXSeDsBpfwvM5PSukUxnC-FvfVlngNp-l5PBRwppTZXk61j3ObwG52S4pzK43qkhZc Your image embed is broken. Please either attach it to your post on VOGONS or find a different …

Re: PCem v17

Balrog, one of the MAME developers, worked with Dominus (and maybe someone else?) on generating some Apple M1 MAME benchmarks. I think the end result was posted to http://www.mameui.info/Bench.htm - it's very impressive, SarahWalker. Maybe Balrog and Dominus can be your people to test out PCem?

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