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Re: Workspace Environment

There are commercial-use forks of DOSBox that support business users, such as: vDOS - https://www.vdos.info/ vDosPlus - http://www.vdosplus.org/ dbDOSv - https://dbdos.com/ However, generally speaking, we don't support them here. You may indeed be better off using Virtual PC or VMWare or even …

Re: Modern Ports (Engenes) for Classic Games

in Windows
Pietry wrote on 2021-05-26, 02:18: Modern Ports (Engenes) for Classic Games. You're embedding your Google hosted photos incorrectly. If you're using Google Photos, try using this: https://www.labnol.org/embed/google/photos/

Re: Speedy3D DOS SDK

I'm looking for this too, and I've been looking a lot longer than you... probably nine years, off and on. My only thought at this juncture is to contact known users of Speedy3D, from companies and their former employees to hobbyists, and prevail upon their generosity should they have it in their …

Re: Super7.net

I have dug a bit deeper. Thank you very much, evasive. https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.super7.net/Super7/* for a list of all that's archived of the super7 site. Good call, evasive! :) The "web.archive.org asterisk trick" is in this case the best thing to do. Documented here: "Where is the …

Re: Super7.net

Page's still down. It would be pity, if it would be lost forever. Lots of retro information was there. Is there anything, we can do to help it to restore? Figure out who the webmaster is/was and get in touch, maybe they had an offline backup, that's about all you can do at this point. [EDIT] I just …

Re: Fallout DOS Version Sound Card Support

in DOS
Axatax wrote on 2021-04-17, 01:14: I'm going to be boorish and necro this 12 year old thread. The last reply was in 2015, so moderators only see it as 6 years old. Still a bit of a stretch to update it now, but we'll let it slide 😉

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