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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

[*] On-demand games (yes, you will be able to browse, download and auto-install abandonware games directly within the application!) Better to leave this point out. On pg. 112, I was just joking about the new name, but nice to see this idea has been taken. Best thing on it is to implement features …

Re: Best sound/music option for DooM?

Get a professional band of virtuoso musicians + a skilled producer + high quality equipment. Have the band from a ring around you, in the middle of an acoustically perfect space. As you complete each level, the band moves on to the next track. Then, an outer ring of rednecks holding a variety of …

Re: Command line interpreter

in Milliways
What is the mechanism called when you use command.com and Windows switches to cmd.exe in the background on you automatically? I think it is adequate to say cmd.exe is invoked in the background. I believe you have this reversed, BTW. In Windows XP, you could run cmd.exe and then switch to command. …

Re: OPN music on an ISA sound card?

Years later, I tried the game on MAME, but felt that something about the sound was off. If you haven't tried lately, you may want to try again later this month (or now, if you can compile your own). OPN emulation improvements went into MAME just a few weeks ago and will be released with MAME 0.230. …

Re: Requiem Avenging Angel DirectX version check by-pass

in Windows
I'm not clear that kjliew has released the sourcecode / sourcecode modifications to all the things he's asking for a donation for, but if he hasn't, someone could always donate $59.99 to kjliew and then after receiving the binaries, request his sourcecode under the rules of their respective licenses …

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