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Re: Most obscure game(s)?

Probably my most obsure boxed game I own is Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows. A really crappy first release CD-ROM game with static comic book images mixed with voice overs. Literally NO animation on this game! http://lstwo.com/images/03888759390017513541.gif http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/murder …

Re: Which computer did you first play Doom on?

Shareware Fall of '93. Band friend handed me 2 3.5 inch disks labeled Doom 1/2 and Doom 2/2. Didn't know ANYTHING about the game at the time other than it was some sort of Wolf3D clone or something made by the people who made Wolf3D. Needless to say I was friggen BLOWN away by the first level. I …

Re: Half Life 1- what didja first play it on?

Still have not played HL1 even though I own the Anthology and Orange Box. I HAVE played Portal though..... that game rawked!!! So I guess I'll play HL1 on a Q6600 quad core 2.40ghz Intel w/ a Nvidia GTX260? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ? There are only so many times you can play a FPS before you get bored :( …

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