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Sound card detection fails randomly

A problem I've had for quite some time, though it seems to have gotten slightly more frequent recently (I usually use the latest SVN revision when one is available). Here's the thing - my emulated Sound Blaster 16 randomly ceases to exist. Games fail to initialize it, some of them even tell me I …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Suggestion: DOSBox should have the option to preserve files' original date/time modified. This isn't usually a problem, however I've had numerous cases of patches or even game expansion installers failing due to incorrect date/time modified. Example: Duke Nukem Plutonium PAK - it won't install under …

Re: Tomb Raider issues

I just found out that the problems caused by FMV sequences in opengl output have been fixed in the latest SVN (r4095). "Allow 15/16/32 bpp inputs to the opengl output" did the trick 😀 HUGE thanks to whoever did this!

Tomb Raider issues

Hello everyone, I've been playing Tomb Raider (1996) for several years on DosBox without a hitch... but that was on my old laptop (a Win XP machine). Currently, I have a new desktop, running on Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I use DOSBox SVN r4085. GPU is a GT 740. And now TR is causing some issues. So …

Reported DOS version?

Greetings, I was doing some more reading on the various DBox settings and parameters recently and I noticed that the ver command can be used to change the reported DOS version (which is 5.0 by default). I was wondering - are there any benefits from doing that? Would games run better or smoother if …

Re: Memory problem with Desert Strike

Well, my memsize is 64 - and it still thinks it doesn't have enough memory :oops: The game crashes a lot? Apart from this memory problem, it runs perfectly for me, and all the other movie-like episodes play without a single glitch. After paying the whole thing, it was quite a disappointment to get …

Memory problem with Desert Strike

I have been playing Jungle Strike without any problems since version 0.65 - so I figured out: "I can play the prequel, Desert Strike, as well..." Partially... the game plays without problems too... until the last level, at the point when there is a "movie"-like thing, showing the big bomber blowing …

Re: Yoda Stories

in Windows
(edit) Ok, I had another problem but I fixed it... there was an issue with the installation 😳 Now, the game works perfectly 😀 😀 😀

Re: Yoda Stories

in Windows
Thank you very much 😀 I won't be able to test this right now, but when I get back home in December, this will be the first thing I will do... Based on what they wrote in that other forum, it should work 😈

Yoda Stories

in Windows
Hello everyone, I have an old favorite by Lucasarts - a small, yet somewhat addictive "desktop adventures" game, Yoda Stories. My problem with it is that it completely refuses to run under Windows NT/2000/XP. I am running Win XP SP2. Problem: The game cannot even start. A few seconds after clicking, …

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