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HP OmniBook 800CT support utilities

Hi! I'm the proud owner of two 800CTs: One with a P100 and 16MB RAM, the other with P166MMX and 48MB RAM. Recently I fiddled around with the OmniBook Support Utility Disk and found three tiny tools there: DOCK.COM, EXTFLOP.COM, and IDE.COM DOCK.COM source code CSEG RS 100h ; --- Read status. in al, …

Re: Booting & Mounting

in DOSBox General
DOSBox can already boot HDD or FDD images. Now I want it to boot a bootable ISO image containing a separate OS. If DOSBox will never support booting an ISO image directly, it would be nice to make the ISO available as drive number 2 or 3 (primary master/slave). Then I could boot a floppy and let …

Booting & Mounting

in DOSBox General
1) Will DOSBox ever support booting from an ISO CD image? 2) If not, will it ever allow mounting an ISO as driver number X similar to http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/IMGMOUNT#Bootable_ … ard_disk_images? I tried for an hour or two on DOSBox 0.72, but didn't succeed.

Psygnosis Sentient 3dfx?

in DOS
http://www.mobygames.com/game/sentient/techinfo lists 3dfx support for the DOS version, but my CD doesn't same to have such support. No glide2x.ovl or string "glide" in sentient.exe. Was there a special 3dfx version or is the info just wrong? I didn't find anything on the net. 🙁

Slightly OT: English Screamer 2, Screamer Rally texts

in DOS
Please, can anybody tell me how the screen in the setup program is called, where I can select the different graphics cards? I only have the German versions here, but need the English texts too. Screenshots would be OK too. 😀

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