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Re: DOSBOX - numeric keyboard.

Going by the screenshot, you appear to be using an unofficial build of DOSBox that uses True Type Fonts, and also using it through some kind of remote desktop. Only official source builds of DOSBox are supported here, so please ask your question where the unofficial build of DOSBox is being hosted. …

Re: Will there ever be microphone input?

Microphone input is not a development priority because it is rarely used by games. However, DOSBox uses the SDL library, which I believe does support microphone input, and open source means someone could develop the feature unofficially. If a microphone input patch works well and doesn't add too …

Re: Touché: Stuck note on SC-55

in DOS
Hmm, perhaps the game developers tested with a synth that is immune to the out-of-sequence events and so didn't notice the issue. I'll see if there's a way to identify the b0rked events that isn't too tedious... in the meantime you can just reconcile it as an "annoying bug authentic" game bug. 😉

Re: Touché: Stuck note on SC-55

in DOS
Most likely you have a different version of the game. You can search for the byte pattern 33 80 3E 5C 00 90, of which the 80 and 90 bytes are the ones to change to 90 and 80. In the file you have, the offsets appear to be 16740A3 and 16740A7.

Re: Touché: Stuck note on SC-55

in DOS
The usual way would be to copy the cdrom file and directory structure to a directory on hdd and mount the hdd directory as a cdrom -- in DOSBox you'd mount with the "-t cdrom" switch, in real DOS you'd mount with FAKECD or the like. You can then modify the files on hdd. Faking a cdrom often works, …

Re: Fantavision aspect ratio

What you are noticing is the effect of pixel aspect ratios. The developer of the software in question created the circle as if pixels have a 1.0 aspect ratio (as high as they are wide), but when viewed at a resolution that does not have a 1.0 aspect ratio the circle appears more oval than circle. …

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