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Re: Ok, help with DOS4GW error?

That message is displayed when DOS4GW.EXE is run directly, which in most cases you should not do. Using Warcraft as an example, you'd run WAR.EXE and not DOS4GW.EXE to start the game. If you are not running DOS4GW.EXE directly then please give an example of a specific game you are trying to run and …

Re: Rules of Engagement 2 IGS

the original patch notes for v1.08 indicate that the only thing that patch did was allow Rules of Engagement 2 to work with Breach 3. Given your description of RTLinker above I imagine they needed that code to get RoE2 and B3 linked back up. A linker does not refer to linking the games together. …

Re: Rambo III colors are off

The colors you see are exactly what the game sets them to. Maybe the developers had glare on their monitors... The attached program will modify the game in memory to shift the colors toward black. The program is a TSR rather than a loader because it appears there is more than one way to start the …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

It appears that it messes up when the IBM/PC multiple exceeds 99.99, as you will notice the lines that mess up have a blank there. Please keep in mind that cycles=max is not a constant speed; DOSBox is trying to calculate the needed cycles over time, so it will give varying results.

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