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Re: System Shock for XP

in DOS
The problem is caused by the COM ports being disabled from BIOS. It will go away if you enable them. At least it did for me.

Re: another "Z" thread

I'm having the same weird problem with files not being found in Syndicate. Actually, the game works but I can't get the intro movie to work (intro.exe). The files are there (in a data subdirectory). I've tried a version from the internet and from a CD I own. I won't create a thread since it's not …

Re: MT32 ROM file

in MT-32 General
" I do have a mt32 but how can I extract the rom to a file which the driver installation prog do recognize?" 1. He owns an MT-32 2. He wants to know how to extract the rom

Re: Final version

in MT-32 General
*sighs* I followed the development for a long time and managed to miss the release 😒 This depresses me... Ah well, I guess there is still hope.

Re: Final version

in MT-32 General
Would there be anyone willing to email me the final version? Without the ROM, of course. Nothing illegal. It would be greatly appreciated.

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