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Re: Please provide Linux x86 binaries

I was trying to make a polite request, sorry for any irritations. :) When I said "pity", I also didn't just mean "pity for me" but also "pity for DOSBox and users of Debian/Ubuntu who don't know about or who don't read forums". However I did not know how exactly packages find their way into these …

Re: Metal Gear Solid PC

in Windows
I would also like to know the status of this patch/hack. I dusted off and installed Final Fantasy 7 for PC the other day and had the same problem... my 8800GTS doesn't support 8-bit textures, thus no hardware mode. Alternatively is there a way to force MGS to run in a higher resolution, other than …

The Incredible Machine sound and music

This is not really a request, but I think I should post it here. INSTALL.COM shows only detected devices. In DOSBox 0.70, with cycles <= 13846 or "auto" (which is 3000 when not "max") it detectes Sound Blaster. With cycles > 13846 or "max" it detects Adlib only. The game runs fine either way, though …

Re: Erratic mouse movement

I have had the same symptoms - I've put the solution here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1604383&group_id=52551&atid=467232 'If you are running linux, check if there is some utility related to mouse running in the background (for example, "unclutter" or something similar). …

pdosbos problem

Hi, I come to try pdoxbox (dosbox for pocket pc). I come here because I believe that the development of pdosbox is stop, but maybe here someone can help me. I have not the keyboard which displays on pdosbox so I have difficulty throwing(launching) one games above. But when I arrive (by the script of …

size of HDD in windows 3.11

Is it possible to increase the size of the hard drive while using windows 3.11 in dosbox? i clearly have plenty of room on my real hard drive, but windows 3.11 says that i only have 105 MB of free space left, and i was attempting to install a program that was ~150. it wouldnt let me install and now …

Windows 3.11

I'm trying to install Windows 3.11, after installing and rebooting (err...closing Dosbox). I go to the windows directory and run "win". However I get this error "Unsupported expanded-memory driver already installed. Remove the driver from CONFIG.SYS" Any ideas?

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