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Re: Testing the whole DOSBOX environment

"However, many non-gaming functions will never work. Don’t expect non-gaming functions like printing, file locking, clipboard, Ctrl+Break, LFN support, NETBEUI or TCP/IP networking, device driver, non-bitmap rendering, etc to work in DOSBox SVN, ever. " Actually, I have never expected these features …

Re: Turbo C++ 4.5 - Windows 3.11

@Suppawer: Do you still use dosbox 0.74 (or dosbox 0.74.3)? I've used the latest svn-builds since 2011 and there have been a lot of improvements, including Windows 3.11 compatibilty. That said, I also want to reiterate that although dosbox does not officially support applications, but that most …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

in PC Emulation
I have tried out PCEM and am fairly impressed. My quite crappy laptop (Pentium Silver N5000) manages to emulate a Pentium 90 at full speed (between 99-101 percent, very rarely dropping to 97 percent). I have also tried out a Pentium 100 and a Pentium 133, but a Pentium 90 seems to be the reasonable …

Re: Clipper - Screen Characters

Printing comes to mind, of course. But if you have installed MS-DOS inside Dosbox (as I have recently done) at least share.exe and the like will work. Any remaining loose ends would probably be caused by an incomplete BIOS emulation.

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