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Re: K.O.R. Soundfont Project V.5.0

BASSMIDI itself is a library, and is available for macOS, Linux 32 and 64, and also various mobile platforms. I once built a host for creating an ALSA virtual MIDI port for BASSMIDI on Linux, but it never succeeded in loading the compression plugins unless I gave them absolute paths. https:// …

Re: VST Midi Driver Midi Mapper

I still have the source to the host bridge, since it's part of foo_midi, but I appear to have lost the source code to the driver itself. You're probably better off using a loopback driver with a dedicated VST host application, as it will allow sharing a single instance of the VST plugin with …

Re: Sierra/Dynamix sound driver hacking

in DOS
I'm not sure if it's a demo version or a lazily packaged pirate "abandonware" copy that I played all those years ago, but I had TIM 3 and it had HMI MIDI sequences that looped. No CD to speak of. I also notice the popular rip of Betrayal at Krondor only has two of the three enemy encounter themes. …

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

I’m sorry, I’m so used to seeing that level of trolling crap around here, I thought that I, a long time registered user, could also get away with it. Seriously, though, the dude needs to lay off the weed or something. That or I’m just deaf, because I don’t even notice these apparent limitations that …

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin

What this ? https://yadi.sk/i/1yK97WI51CbahA So work SoundCanvas VA , why this synth so noised ? Why Roland creat such bad render ? Please shut up. Your dumb words are hurting my brain. Seriously, though. It’s a singleton library implementation of the software or firmware that drives the SC 8820. …

Re: Need a bookmarks manager...

in Milliways
Huh, bookmarks. Now there’s something I haven’t used effectively in years... These days, I just leap to a search engine, type an url from memory, or that failing, a fulltext search on my indefinite browser history.

Re: OPL3 standalone box/device with MIDI IN/OUT?

OPL3 doesn’t have MIDI support. You need a MIDI controller, and a set of FM instruments. That device, as expensive as it is, sounds like exactly that. But does it have any flexibility over which MIDI features you get, or which instruments you can use? Does it even detail what it does?

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
In my never ending quest to constantly change my computer and operating system, I installed Ubuntu 18.10 again on my 3770 machine a couple weeks ago, and shortly after, reinstalled my recently RMA replaced RX 480, which just “feels” better than running a GTX 960 with proprietary drivers. Once again, …

Re: FYI: Steam drops XP/Vista in 2019

in Milliways
That’s what I mean. I have a 512GB SSD, and 3 TB free on my network storage, and I doubt it would be enough for all 563 games that I’ve ever owned on Steam. Then there’s that guy in my friends list that I used to hang out with on IRC who owns over 11,000 games...

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