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Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

in Milliways
that's cause someone said how much of a difference amd did. well.. they sell 50% more cores for about 500% more price. (amazon prices without tax don't count outside usa)

Re: Please recommend some "quick" games to play on DOS

in DOS
you are not limited to dos games: Monument Valley Evo Explores Inside Limbo Monochroma Black The Fall Little Nightmares Typoman The Bridge Unravel Planet Alpha Candle Fossil Echo Braid Max - The Curse of Brotherhood Never Alone The Way Heart Of Darkness Abe's Oddysee Abe's Exoddus Headlander Weird …

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

in Milliways
Core i7 980X - 6 cores 12 threads (first quarter of 2010) Xeon X7560 - 8 cores 16 threads (first quarter of 2010) Core i7 5960X - 8 cores 16 threads Xeon E5 2699 v3 - 18 cores 36 threads (third quarter of 2014) Core i7 6950X - 10 cores 20 threads Core i9 7920X - 12 cores 24 threads Core i9 7940X - …

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