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Re: Vibra 16 MIDI pinouts

Talking to myself, it occurred (to myself) that I could just find hi-res images on Google and trace the traces. I've managed to determine MIDI-OUT Pin 12 is hooked to the 11-th pin 'up' (aka Pin 30) from the bottom-left of the CT2501 when looking at it with the text level. In the images, blue is …

Re: Vibra 16 MIDI pinouts

I got the card in, and indeed MIDI-IN / MIDI-OUT / 5V / GND can be toned directly off the Vibra chip with no discrete components between the chip and the gameport on the back of the card. My next step is to find a second DOS Card Vibra module (so I don't sacrifice my original) and create an adaptor …

Re: Vibra 16 MIDI pinouts

Tyrantulas wrote on 2020-10-09, 16:24: I found a card on eBay. I'll poke around with the multimeter and share my results. Sorry for the necro-posting! Tyrantulas, did you ever poke around with the card?

Debugger: Transport Tycoon Deluxe (+Patch)

To the folks of DOSBox, you've done an amazing job, DOSBox is an awesome piece of software. I've recently been developing with the team at TTDPatch to enhance both the Windows and DOS versions of TTD. Windows is fine to debug, OllyDBG does everything I need... But debugging a DOS application has …

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