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Re: The Exodus Project (Update Ultima 2-5 with MIDI)

These conversions are great. The updated EGA/VGA graphics are gorgeous, with flashy colors, and the ported sound makes them more fun. However, for me, they only work with 386+ systems, not with 8088 or 286. There's something in the programming of these conversions which demand virtual mode, I assume …

Re: Huge 286 tower found

Jorpho wrote: Half-Saint wrote: Some games took advantage of extra memory. On a 286? Can you name some? I am genuinely curious. I remember two Event Horizon games that could use more than 4mb of EMS ram, The Summoning and Veil of Darkness. They perform well on a fast 286.

Re: The ultimate Ultima 7 machine

I did take things a bit further than necessary, perhaps, by expanding the memory to the full 32MB capacity, and writing a little batch file that copies the entire game in and out of RAM for disk-free play. Interesting, I also hold 32mb of ram in my 486 pc. Before I'm thinking to try this method, …

Re: The ultimate Ultima 7 machine

@pianoman72 - I'll have to read the manual! The version I have came from eBay without the manual, but I'm sure it can be downloaded from somewhere. thanks for the tip! No problem. Also, following the instructions for making an Ultima 7 boot disk, then manually adding smartdrv.exe afterwards, it …

Re: The ultimate Ultima 7 machine

I agree that your 486 machine rocks for this game. I have had a similar experience fiddling between my 386DX40 and 486DX33, and I have noticed that the 486 machine is just right in terms of speed. If you go higher than that, say even at 50mhz, to me the game plays a bit too fast. I also remember …

Re: 3dfx Archives - The Collection & Discussions Thread

Wonderful driver collection, thanks to everyone for providing them here. I had a question about the decoding of the Orchid Righteous 3d CD files. I used the accompanying unecm.exe program with one of the CD image files, but it does not seem to make it happen. I also tried to erase the .ecm extension …

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