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Well I got it to work!!

Hi It seems the download file I got sets GLQuake to use 3DFX by default by including a file called opengl32.dll. I simply deleted this file and glide2x.dll, set desktop colour to 16 bit and 800x600 res. and got it working with my usual Open GL. I had to play around a bit with ctrl-alt-del as it will …

Which OpenGLide Emulator is best for me??

Hi I have had problems using the Open GL features of the Hexen2 and Quake demos I downloaded. The program is looking for a file called glide2x.dll. With my system can I download a suitable emulator and which one is best?? My system: AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1.4GHz) 768MB RAM (PC133 SDRAM) Windows XP SP2 …

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