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Re: Dos Box number keys problem

If you're playing on a laptop, make sure that your ArrowLock key is also turned off. You can also download and install this patch, which should fix the problem: Numlock patch for Ultima 5 (PC version): http://www.geocities.com/nodling/ultima/code/ … a5/u5numlck.zip

Re: privateer hangs in the ship dealer

Unfortunately, the Wing Commander games all were a little wonky with their memory management, which sometimes causes problems under DOSBOX. There are a few things for Privateer to work properly, though: 1) Make sure EMS=FALSE in your config file 2) Type "loadfix -65" prior to running the game (The - …

Re: Gabriel Knight 2 Audio Issues

Somewhat non-DosBox related, but there are now XP patches for both Gabriel Knight I: Sins of the Fathers and Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within. You must have the original installation CDROMs for these to work. Gabriel Knight XP Installer: https://gkpatches.vogons.org/download.php?file=SetupGKXP103 …

Dragonsphere CD-ROM w/ full speech under 0.65

Okay, I admit, I'm normally fairly good with old DOS games, since I always enjoyed going back to play them, but this one had me incredibly stumped. I finally stumbled over the "fix" to the problems between the Dragonsphere CD version and DosBox, and thought I'd share it here for others. (Credit for …

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