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Re: Need someone to record music from various (will pay) - AppleIIe, Amiga, old Mac, PC (Speaker, SB1.5), FM-7, MSX, etc

yeah I can probably do a few of these: AppleIIe (three games: 1 minute + 1 minute + 1 minute) (1987, 1988, 1990) - got a iie card installed in a lc575 if you need someone else Amiga (two games: 1 minute + 30 minutes) (1990, 1992) - got a a600 and a a1200 handy Macintosh OS6(?) (one game: 30 minutes) …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Was there ever any consensus about whether the Epiphan DVI2PCIe was any better than the Datapath Vision? There are some on ebay with free international shipping, which makes a big difference for those outside the US

Re: Reasonable Roland MPU401 price?

Well it is a collectors market, but you can get 99% of the functionality almost for free through other means. If you want a MPU, you can run softmpu + a soundblaster If you want an mt32, you can run munt - even configure a raspberry pi to do it if you want the genuine hardware feeling, guess you …

Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

Well given he says commercial use is prohibited - I don't think anybody really wants to make and assemble 50 of these for no reward if someone wants to translate the design to oshpark, I'd say that is the best we can hope for

Re: Technology that fascinated you, but ultimately flopped

in Milliways
Except when data over TV was a thing, cell phones were really only for the rich, we definitely weren't to the point of embedding a cellular radio in everything. Modems did exist - it didn't have to be cellular (the dreamcast had a modem inbuilt - and that was 1998, 17 years ago). Packet radio was …

Re: Technology that fascinated you, but ultimately flopped

in Milliways
Because it's 1-way communication. You can only receive and not send. If you fail to receive a few bytes, the data becomes useless. With 2-way communication you can request re-transmission. Not necessarily - you could put a sim slot in tvs (or have a USB 3g modem or direct internet connection) for a …

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