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Re: Interstate 82 doesn't work on XP!

ACT 5.0 includes the most recent fixes and I'82 is included by setting the flag "EmulateHeap". However it messes with the game AI. Disabling "EmulateHeap" corrects AI but the game will have choppy sound and will crash if you run Taurus onto a wall or object (when out of the car). I'm still working …

Re: Sega Rally Championship

Multiplayer seem to be the top issue people experience with modern OSes running older games. Even when I changed from win95 to win98 I experienced myself a few of those. I'm using windows xp and exactly the same happened to me in Sega Rally. I remember seeing custom DirectPlay fixes in ACT 5.0, …

Re: Best ForceWare version for Windows 98?

Windows XP drivers are begining to suck too, specially with the Geforce 8 series. The Geforce 6 worked out of the box for me playing old games under winxp, didn't test with windows 98 as at the time there were no drivers supporting win98 and Geforce 6 series.

Re: Grim Fandango... again.

Setting Win95 or Win98/ME compatibility mode automatically disables multi-core by enabling the "SingleProcAfinity" flag (multi-core was causing sound problems with The Curse of Monkey Island for me), however this causes the mouse to be sticky in some games.

Re: Rage Expendable on XP

Try using compatibility administrator 5.0 to set custom compatibility modes. Some games would run just fine by enabling "SingleprocAfinity" (disables muti-core). OT- I won't touch Crysis 'till I get my Geforce 8800 GTX fully working with my old favourite games! 🤣

Sticky Mouse in WinXP running games in compatibilty modes.

I noticed that the mouse is annoingly sticky in certain games when the compatibility flag "SingleProcAfinity" (to disable multi-core in games that has problems with it) is enabled (win95 and win98/me enable it too). Is there some other compat. flag that I can set in Compatibility Administrator to …

Re: I have an idea, your thoughts please?

Remember to copy these 3 files to system folder: Glide2x.dll, Glive2x.ovl and Glide.dll. Then you should run dgvoodoosetup.exe and make sure it's configuring the glide2x.dll (or glide.dll) in the /system32 (or /system, dependig which OS you're using) on the top of the page. If not, use the search …

Rally 2K in Winxp

Has anybody ever succeeded to make it fully playable under XP? With no compatibility modes game crashes right after selecting a track. With compatibility modes (Win95/98/ME) it runs with sound delay. I've made a custom fix for the game to work without sound delay, but there are still problems …

Keyboard repeat rate

in DOS
I've noticed in some Dos games running under winxp when I keep a key pressed it acts like if I press the key repeatedly. It happens with Stunt Island and Top Gun: Fire at Will (which also I couldn't get the sound to work). Is there anyway to make the keyboard act the way it should?

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