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Re: GeForce 6800 SLI works on Windows 98?

Update: a friend on TR said that 6800 SLI on Windows 98 should be possible, as long as I could find a PCI Express motherboard with Windows 98 driver. Any suggestion? By the way, I also wonder: does Windows 98 need driver to run on a particular motherboard? I thought motherboard driver (or is it …

GeForce 6800 SLI works on Windows 98?

One thing I like about GeForce 6800 is that it works with Windows 98, so I (at least theoritically) can play old, Windows 98-only games with all the glory of 6800 (AA, AF, etc). However, a friend told me that Windows 98 does NOT support PCI Express, so a 6800 SLI is impossible in Win 98. At most, I …

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