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Re: Adlib music capturing, playing back

Qbix wrote: i thought adplug could be configured to use your own soundblaster and not use their emulation. This is true. It has an option for native OPL passthrough For Windows XP you'll need to install a port talking driver or service for this. Midi-OX's site may have some iirc.

Re: Phantom 64

but almost every other 3D games (like Jane's ATF and System Shock ) runs choppy on 640x480 and above. Those particular two don't really run well on much faster (i.e. 300mhz) computers either. The 100mhz has enough power it needs, it just lacks the cpu and mmx for things like zsnes ;D (Except for …

Re: Virtual PC?

if there's any other possible substitute for hungry DOS games, it's booting up x86 linux and running DosEmu, but that one is not compatible with everything and not really recommended for older games either. Jane's and Novalogic sims freak out on it heh, but it's nice to play quake at 450fps+

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