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Re: Games that run without dosbox

in DOS
Almost anything that has throttling, doesn't support sound cards and doesn't have high frequency pc speaker sound. It's still an unstable risk to even play those, however as ntvdm is a big hack.

Re: Abandonware and Dosbox

If that were true then why is Blood everywhere, even on the Gli2DOS site when it could be purchased from an online store? They aren't doing their job at "respecting the developers" enough. Abandonware sites are a JOKE and rarely have rarities 🙄

Re: Abandonware and Dosbox

Rules are rules. Abandonware sites are all darkish gray areas mostly because they just put stuff up what they believe is 'abandoned' rahter than officially complying with the developer, publisher, etc. Not only do they suck for that, but for tampering the archives too with their own save games, …

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