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Re: 3.1

Windows 3.x in dosbox operates independently of xp, so you don't have to worry about dual-booting and shutting down 3.x will not shut down your xp.

Re: All DOS Graphics Generate NTVDM CPU Error

in DOS
The cga test works with my ati x1900 crossfire card, both in single and crossfire mode, but my card has some other issues with older games (tomb raider most notably). So I would say that all manufacturers are dropping some backwards compatibilty.

Re: Realms of the Haunting - DOS

You need to mount your cd and a folder that you want to install the game in, then run the install program. If you are new to all this, it might be easier to download one of the "frontends" for dosbox (d-fend, dbgl, or d.o.g.). You can find links to them on the dosbox website.

Re: Dinotopia

When you installed the game, did it have any way to select what sound card you are using? You might try looking in the game folder to see if there is any kind of setup program for the sound. I don't own this game, so I'm afraid that I can't give you any more specific help without more detail.

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