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Re: Dumpster treasures !

in Milliways
Its writen on the printed circuit board that that one brown slot is an Media bus.. I can see it on 4th picture. I find this on wikipedia: The Asus Media Bus is a proprietary computer bus developed by Asus, which was used on some Socket 7 motherboards in the middle 1990s. It is a combined PCI and …

Re: Voyetra VP-11

Paddan1000 wrote: What a shame it's not MPU-401 compatible. No point in inflating the price, so tell me if you want it and I won't bid on it. Otherwize I might buy it for my expansion slot-free 486. I guess I won't bid on it, I have no use for MPU that doesn't support intelligent mode

Re: Posting from 1996 system!

in Milliways
Use to surf with my Amiga 600, Mtec 68030 40mhz accelerator, pcmcia network card With some gfx speedup patches it went pretty smooth. Oldest pure PC I've used was my Compaq deskpro 486 66mhz machine with win95 and IE 5.5....painfully slow websurfing experience

Re: Why an EISA 486?

2Mourty wrote: The motherboard is an AMI Enterprise-IV. "We want pics" 😁 What chipset is it using? SiS? Found some crappy pics on the net of the mobo, it looks to be made around 1993-94 judging by the 72p simm slots..it's not often you see an Eisa mobo with 72p simm slots only

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Amigaz: Ok here's part 1 of my collection...mostly desktops Ast Bravo MS P/100: Upgraded the Pentium 1 CPU from 100mhz --> 166mhz RAM = 128mb FPM Onboard Ati Mach64 gfx Voodoo 1 gfx Onboard CL Sb Pro compatible sound Gus Max rev 2.1 Intel 100mbit NIC Windows 98SE, boots into pure DOS I have a case …

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