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3 frames source image, editing suggestions?

in Milliways
Ok, I know this is a weird problem and weird request but I'm not a skilled dude on these things so... I have this image , as you might notice, it's composed of 3 merged images, this was scanned by me and originally comes from a weird cdrom jewel case that recreated a 3 frames animation with an …

Re: TitaniumGL

Ciro der dinosaurier: 32bit opengl -> it works but ingame black screen , only hud and pop up messages are visible. @Geri: PM if u want the game for private testing purpose.

Defects on new dvd

in Milliways
Look at this: total DVD failure 😯 It appears to have leaked some glue, resin, molten plastic, or varnish while or some time after moulding the disc. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before in many years... Have you ever seen anything like this? P_20231010_152501_1.jpg I'll try to fix it, …

Re: Multisession cuesheets weirdness

in Milliways
No, I don't use Linux. Funfact: clonecd refuses to make cuesheet when dealing with multisession cdroms. I fixed (sorta) the problem by using ccd or mdf/mds formats. Well...at least now Daemon Lite opens the disc correctly.

Multisession cuesheets weirdness

in Milliways
Is it me or today's virtual drive tools have flaky support for multisession cuesheets? Today I made a bin+cue image of a multisession disc (session 1: 3 audio tracks, session 2: 1 data track), I used good ol' Imgburn. All went ok but when I mount the image, weird things happened. Daemon tools lite …

T. Memorial taisen puzzle dama fps problem

in Windows
I'm talking about the ancient Konami pc port. Anybody knows what's the supposed framerate for this game? Framecapping it at 60 it's still too fast compared to arcade game, and setting it to 30 fps it's too slow.

Re: Knight Force copy protection

in Milliways
After some time and some investigation, there are AT LEAST 3 different versions of Knight Force EGA/VGA out there: The 3.5" floppy I got from Spain, if the original floppy is not in the drive, the game will start but without sprites and stopped time. Hash(MD5): 466fa9a5a836bee8d6177cc29ef90432 The …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Even more awesome would be posting such a request on the dosbox-x github issues page..... I signed up on there long ago just to post bugs about the ps1 audio card long ago and Github randomly flagged my account when doing that. Please disable ps1 audio card support since it's not working for a lot …

Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

Yeah it works on Real Hardware, but kq5 is hard to play on a 10Mhz 286. I can make a small video when i have some time. ...Still waiting :) Please, video(s) can be useful for bugfixing. Any good programmer who wants to try fixing long time dead ps/1 audiocard emulation in Dosbox-X? Jmk account is …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

in Milliways
I finally managed to finish this lil' bastard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEya1r8_50g This game can be really weird sometimes...I wonder if some gameplay choices were voluntarily made by Titus programmers or it's simply glitched to hell and back! And reading the game manual can be misleading. …

Re: Zsoft pcx madness

in Milliways
Nice idea but Hex compare is not of much help because the size of source file vs pcx saved with pc paint 3 is much different. Are the colors 1:1 as on the real machine ? don't know what pal those images had on PC88/98? Are these already converted when using the EGA (hires) pal of just 64colors? I …

Re: Zsoft pcx madness

in Milliways
Checked. PC Paint 3.. It seems to write the sample in the same format as it had read it. Yeah, we're getting there... but still not 1:1 (yeah, I'm a perfectionist) This is from an official .gcx file uploaded on checkfiletype.com: PCX ver. 3.0 image data bounding box [0, 0] - [639, 399], 4 planes …

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