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Re: Savestates?

If some research was done into how a psp saves everything into temporary memory so that if the psp is turned off then on again it picks up where it left off, that may give you the answers you seek. Not completely obviously as its an entirely different system, but I think it would be something worth …

Re: About TCP/IP

Well having windows working in dosbox was never required for dos games to work, but support for it was put into dosbox from an emulation perspective. Dont see anything wrong with adding tcp/ip.

Re: Cpu resource

Didn`t happen to install SP2 recently did you? If so it has NOTHING to do with dosbox. Go into task manager and end "Explorer.exe" from the processes list, sounds crazy I know but it is the root of your problem and you`ll only ever have to do that once. Every time you start your computer from then …

Re: Graphics performance boost

Being 1 person who uses the Doomsday engine weekly, I`ve got to point out that the graphics in that are absolutely fucking beautiful (mind my french) without any effect on overall game speed. Heres a few screenshots from the Doom64 Total conversion done in the Doomsday engine which best show off how …

Re: Graphics performance boost

rcblanke: Further testing: C&C - You were dead right on C&C. Dynamic core was the culprit there. Switching to normal core fixed that one. This game ran no better or worse with the scaler changes. Still too slow for me to play. And upping the cycles caused too much sound stuttering for me to enjoy …

System Shock

Hey All This game has worked in all cvs versions until recent versions. Apon running cdshock.bat I receive the following error: Error code 2004 Resource Error Could not find palette. Try setting FILES=30 in config.sys

Re: Graphics performance boost

Kronuz: After reading the last 8 pages I JUST HAD to test out the latest cvs build to test out your changes to dosbox, and all I can is WOW. I`d become so used to games running ok but not fast. But now they run practicly perfect. Those that worked in dosbox anyways. I tested out my main 4 games that …

Re: time for 0.64 ?

Would be nice if there was some kindof cvs features list page on the main site. Sometimes you just want to know whats been added rather than download a new version of the cvs.

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