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Re: Might and Magic IV issues

So is that in the latest cvs release? or in a yet to be released cvs version? Great to know that thats been fixed now, as it pretty much makes mm4/mm5 fully playable to my knowledge :). [Edit] *cries* Damn its still unplayable for me, so I guess its not a soundblaster issue. Everytime I go to enter …

Re: Saved states?

Ok well, besides protected games support. What features are currently being worked on at being implemented? if thats not top secret information ofcourse 😜. Having full support for all of the dos commands is one of the small things I`ve been waiting for, for a while.

Re: Syndicate Plus

Everyone (who has the syndicate plus version anyway) has the exact same problem jez. The only work around at present is to run main.exe (which skips the choice screen + intro) from your "syndplus/syndicat" directory. The only problem with that is that you can only play the standard campaign for …

Re: keymap support?

I`ve noticed lately that dosbox seems to be confusing my shift and 1 keys. Whenever in "dos prompt" in dosbox if I push shift a 1 will popup + if I`m attempting to define keys (eg Wolfenstein) which can be very annoying at times.

Re: Comments on the screenshots of the cvs

Meh. Don't even talk about Z. Thats the only game I`ve ever regretted buying. C&C + Dark Reign were VASTLY better. I`ll have to try increasing the cycles before I play Syndicate next time, as the sound stuttering has gotten alot worse with the new version of the cvs (as of the 27th of August) when I …

Re: Cant run from C:\

You only ever need to have the "\" when you want to specificy a specific directory (eg c:\blah). If you ever want to set the root directory for something then just put c: or whatever and that will do the job just fine.

Re: Comments on the screenshots of the cvs

Syndicate runs pretty much perfect for me also (after increasing the emulation about 3 times with that keyboard combo). Its absolutely fantastic to be able to play it again after so many years. I also get occassional crashes etc, but those are usually quite rare.

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