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Re: Dark Forces mouse sensitivity trouble

in DOS
Yes, there is a setup for mouse, keyboard etc. and I used it too. It's much more advanced than that silly thing which comes with the demo version. There is one odd thing I noticed: Having the game just installed, there is nothing displayed for turning in the mouse setup menu. If I leave it alone, …

Re: Your favorite game music?

in Milliways
My favourites: Monkey Island 1-4: You got to listen to the original MT-32 version of the Monkey 1 and 2. The enhanced CD of Monkey 1 is different but also worth a listen, especially as there are some additional and some extended tracks. Most of the other LucasArts adventure soundtracks are excellent …

Dark Forces mouse sensitivity trouble

in DOS
German Version. System: See signature. No emulators used. The problem I have is, that mouse turning is much more sensitive than strafing, ie. moving the mouse aproximately one cm turns the character 360 degree, while I have to move my mouse across the entire table to even strafe some steps. I know, …

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