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Re: Why an EISA 486?

I do know that the pentium overdrive 83 mhz processor makes a big difference with jedi knight. With that cpu in my board jedi knight was quite playable and then just for kicks and giggles I threw in my monster 3d 3dx card and i was running the game in 800x600 on a 486 motherboard, it was fun! I just …

Re: Why an EISA 486?

Thank you for the responses. I think I will buy this to play with and get a eisa scsi controller to go with it. I love tinkering and I really would like a HIGH quality 486 motherboard. I have some wierd off brand one right now and it is a bit quirky. I have a few vlb video cards I can use with this …

Why an EISA 486?

I have an opportunity to purchase and AMI Enterprise-IV 4 motherboard. It is a socket 2 motherboard 4 EISA slots and 2VLB slots. From the few things I have read on this site about EISA people seem to have a favorable opinion of it. What is the advantage of an EISA board. I have a decent 486 PCI …

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