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Re: BIOS font legal status

For now, you could try the 'Nouveau IBM' font, if it hasn't been mentioned yet: http://www.dafont.com/nouveau-ibm.font The benefit with this one is that it actually scales nicely with those diagonal outlines, but at 12pt you should get the original rendering. There's also the "stretch" version, …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

(Also, shouldn't the command prompt screen be at 640x400, not 640x480?) The real DOS prompt uses a 720x400 text mode with non-square pixels (on VGA systems). I believe the DOSBox authors have chosen 640x480 for its natural aspect ratio on modern screens. EGA and CGA systems use 640x350 and 640x200, …

Re: 486 four-eighty-six or four-eight-six?

in Milliways
In france we have it simple : "Quatre cent quatre vingt six" : "Four hundred four twenty six" :D correction : "four hundred eighty six" in english :-D That's belgian : quatre cent octante six :) Belgians say quatre-vingt too (but use septante and nonante for 70 and 90). Swiss folks use huitante , …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Any chance of providing git repo as well? It helps me check the changes and port the patches to my git tree... I will make sure to include the .git repo in the next release on Hackipedia. I only stopped doing that because of the sheer size of the tarballs when storing the GIT repo. How about a …

Re: 8086 emulator in 4043 bytes

I forgot this priceless snippet: If you like living on the edge you can try building the emulator on a big endian machine, and you will get an emulation of a big endian 8086, a rather bizarre and somewhat useless beast. For everyone else, please run the emulator on a little endian machine.

8086 emulator in 4043 bytes

http://ioccc.org/2013/cable3/hint.html The author hereby presents, for the delectation (?) of the judges, a portable PC emulator/VM written specifically for the IOCCC which runs DOS, Windows 3.0, Excel, MS Flight Simulator, AutoCAD, Lotus 1-2-3 … In just 4043 bytes of C source, you get a complete …

Re: Time date?

On this topic, you should know that DOSBox's handling of dates is intentionally crippled. The day is not incremented at midnight. Not sure if booting a DOS image solves this.

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