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Re: Java Port

divinity wrote: even Quake 1 is now playable (at the first 20 seconds it is laggy, but then it runs smooth. seems like a bug in current jdosbox) It could also be Java's JIT compiler that's kicking in.

Re: DOSBox SVN Build

I did it because it speeds up load time. Well...that IS weird (speeding up load times). Hard disk bandwidth is so low, compared to RAM, that it is almost always faster to load a compressed file and uncompress it in RAM. I don't know if it is also valid for SSDs. That being said, the difference …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

in PC Emulation
SarahWalker wrote: Does anyone actually care if the sample rate is ~3.6% off? You're never going to notice it. It's about half a semitone. People with perfect pitch will probably notice it. Most people won't, though.

Re: PCI emulation (for 3D accelerators)?

sliderider wrote: the value of emulating [NV1] is dubious at best For you, perhaps, but definitely not for blueshogun96 who wants to scratch his own itch. Feel free to write an OpenGL pass through or a D3D wrapper, it will be far more useful than criticizing other people's initiatives.

Re: SMARTware Issues

Booting in MS-DOS inside DOSBox may help. You'll need to install MS-DOS on a disk image (there are tutorials floating around), then copy SMART on the image too (for example, you can launch DOSBox normally mount the SMART folder as C, imgmount the image as D: and copy from there).

Re: DOSBox Compression Issue

If your partition is partitioned in NTFS, you can use NTFS compression. Right click on the folder -> properties. In the "General" tab, click the "advanced" button and enable compression. When clicking "Ok" to close the main properties window, you'll be prompted to apply the changes recursively. Opt …

Re: SMARTware Issues

You should really read the readme, and, if necessary, the wiki. you need to learn about the mount command, and either the autoexec section of the config file or the -c command line option (you can have several). at the end of the config file, you can add [autoexec] mount c c:\SW c:\SMRT310\SMART1st. …

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