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Re: How many people actually use 1080p?

@m1so I live in Romania, and my salary is smaller than your pension. I earn less than 300 Euro a month, and trust me, I work. And I think hardware prices are about the same all over Europe. For my current 24" Full HD LED (Philips, by the way) I payed more than half of a month's salary.

Re: How many people actually use 1080p?

@m1so Son, until fall 2008 I had a 17" CRT. Then I got a 15" LCD. Then, as I said, in early 2009 I got the 22" LCD. Last summer I managed to sell the 22 and bought the current 24" LED, which I wanted to buy since spring last year. I don't have a big paycheck, 2 years ago I was unemployed and barely …

Re: How many people actually use 1080p?

From beginning of '09 until last summer I had a 1680x1050 22". Then I bought my full HD 24" LED, which is even better. And my video card is still adequate for my gaming needs. Would have loved a 6850 or 6870, but I had to settle for a 6790. And I am not sorry, is a decent card.

Re: Celeron 300

Maybe the earlier ones were higher quality. You must be joking, mate. I had a 729 which died a horrible, smoking, smelly death. Then a 726, whose only difference from 729 is the length (this one is shorter). I had some troubles with it; well, with its onboard sound the infamous CMI 8330 re-marked …

Re: Windows 7 GPU scaling?

in Windows
As I said, it does not scale BINK videos. Shows them small and centered. In games like Homeworld and Star Wars: KoTOR 2. In Kotor it does not scale the screen either, for example if I select 1280x1024 it shows both vertical and horizontal borders; same with ScummVM. In Homeworld, same resolution, it …

Windows 7 GPU scaling?

in Windows
Any of the current gen GPU's have working hardware scaling in Win 7? I had no luck with my Radeon 6790. It works perfectly in XP, but in 7 it does not scale some games or older BINK videos. EDIT: I almost forgot, it does not scale ScummVM either; while it scales DosBox. If I deactivate it, it …

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

I own a 500 and a 1200; I found out several games, even if they have the HDD install option, would not work correctly with OS 3.1. So I booted the 1200 with a Workbench 1.3 boot floppy, and most of the games work ok. The 500 is unexpanded, basic 512 Kb RAM. I have a 512 Kb+RTC expansion, but is not …

Name this game

Played it many years ago, and I can't recall it's name. It is grid based 3D, can't remember if shooter or rpg. Movement like in Lands of Lore or EOTB, you could transform in 3 different monsters, one could fly and attack with its spear-shaped tail, one could walk, one could swim. And no, is not …

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