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Re: Creative Wave Blaster...yuck?

@swaaye [AWE32 isn't any better: AWE32 and Dark Forces] Tried it on my ol' rig (IBM PC 330, Intel 430HX, Intel Pentium 200MMX, 128 Mb EDO RAM). On AWE32, AWE64, and some SB Pro compatible+GUS ACE. The GUS music sounded a lot better. Sounded good on my Yamaha SW20-PC (when it was working!) 🙁

Yamaha SW20-PC

I had one of those too. Passed away some time ago. Good OPL4 General Midi board. 2 Mb ROM, 128 Kb RAM. Used Analog Devices 1848 and Opti 928 chips for SB/WSS compatibility, and the above mentioned OPL4 for General Midi. It was my only "pure" General Midi ISA soundcard. The others being SB32 PnP ( …

Re: My 2 computers

Well, about GeForce 6200... It depends. I had one in me previous main rig (AMD Sempron 2600+, ASUS K8V-X socket 754 mobo with VIA K8T800 chipset, 512 Mb DDRAM, 80 Gb WD [ATA] and then 250 Gb Maxtor [SATA II], GeForce 6200. Mine was a very speedy card, more than 10000 3D Marks 2001. On the other hand …

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