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Re: My IBM PC 330

Nothing of the sort. The system is smart enough to autodetect the CPU inserted, and it changes the voltage accordingly. I remember the system had a 20 Gb HDD, of which only 8 were visible. Since I updated the BIOS I have not tested it with a larger than 8 Gb HDD, so I do not know if I fixed the …

Re: My IBM PC 330

I miss my old miro nVidia RIVA128 PCI, 4 Mb. Several years ago I had an almost similar system, i430TX, 128 Mb SDRAM, Pentium 200MMX and that videocard. It run very well early DirectX games, also very fast in plain DOS 2D acceleration. That card was VESA 3.0 compliant.

Re: What movie are you watching right now?

hmm, some Star Trek episodes? 😁 I have not seen all the episodes from all the series. The only complete ST series I saw is ST: Enterprise. Have a lot more to see from all of them. Half of TOS, half of TNG and the last 2 seasons of DS9 and Voyager. 😁

Re: Building a "new" old rig

My Voodoo 2 has arrived, but I'll test it tomorrow. Had a busy day today, got an Elpina VXPro II (M558) mobo and tested it, and tried without success to revive another Elpina TXPro (M560). Unreal and Halflife on a Pentium 233MMX, with 64 Mb EDO, Matrox Millenium should be a good test for my Voodoo. …

Re: Building a "new" old rig

I have enough power to run it on my current PC (Athlon X2 4200+, 2 Gb DDR II, ASUS HD 3650 v/c, factory overclocked). As a matter of fact, I was running it with 4X AA @1024x768 even on my previous main rig (Sempron 2600+, 512 MB DDR, Palit GeForce 6200, 128 Mb, 128-bit). I want to see how it will …

Re: Share your 3D accelerator nostalgia here

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I remembered some others of my "recent" 3d cards; In order of purchase: 1. miro MAGIC Premium, nVidia RIVA 128, 4 Mb SGRAM, PCI; http://www.mirosupport.de/graph/magic/premium/premium.html 2. ATI RAGE Pro, 8 Mb SGRAM, AGP 2X 3. Leadtek WinFast 3D S325, TNT2 M64, 32 …

Re: My IBM PC 330

And the IBM PC 330 is a desktop system with 3 expansion slots available. They are shared ISA/PCI, so I am limited to 1 external video card, 1 audio and 1 Ethernet. No Voodoo for me in that system. Otherwise, good performer. It would acommodate Win98SE without a problem. Like to keep Win95 OSR2.1 on …

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