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Re: Turok patch for Cyrix 5x86

Weird. I'm pretty sure there never was a 5x86 patch, but 6x86 patches were fairly common for games at the time, usually because said games thought they were running on a 486. Perhaps if you locate such a patch for Turok it could fix the issues.

Re: AWE32 - some questions please

Hello RG100, nice to see you here again, hope life's treating you well! 1. CT1745A is the same chip that was on the SB16. You can think of the AWE32 as essentially a true SB16 + E-MU chip. Not entirely sure what CT 1748A does exactly. 2. Yes, that is DSP 4.13 ( V 4.13 ;) ) 3. That CT1747 contains a …

Re: Old games I can't figure out what they are

in Milliways
Regarding the second game, the intro really sounds like Syndicate, so maybe take another look at that. Other than that, this sort of futuristic world is kind of a staple in Sci-Fi since Blade Runner, so... Perhaps Blader Runner on PC or Nightlong : Union City Conspiracy?

Re: What were the historical prices on high-end GPUs?

GPU prices are related to the die size, and these are generally getting bigger for the flagship cards. So yes it is similar to cars, where a particular model becomes larger and more expensive over time and then a new low-end model is introduced. Gamers are falling for the marketing trap where the …

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