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Fifa 96 on Dosbox (HELP)

Well I've been trying to run this.Have the CD version.Ok so I do this: mount c e:\(it's my second hard drive) and then for the cd mount d d:\ -t cdrom Game installs fine,I do the sound test,install maximum and then I exit it.It leads me here: C:\Fifa 96 (which is actually E:\Fifa 96) i type fifa 96 …

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
Hmmm nice... Well I bought these yesterday: Dungeon Keeper - Bullfrog Birthright - Sierra Dragon's Lair - Digital Leisure LBA 2 - Adeline Syndicate Wars - Bullfrog MDK - ??? and last but not least Ecstatica!!! Well I paid about 15 euros only!Oh yeah I found Fallout 1 for 2 euros and gonna buy it …

Re: PCI card

Yes that's what I was thinking,voodoo 2 was THE card back then :P Mystique has served me well over the years but when I tried to play Blood 2,it killed me :P Problem is where I find such a card.Well I'll find some guy who doesn't want it anymore and exchange it for some sdram.Anyway I have some …

PCI card

Gentlemen,I'm trying to create a retro pc for my games and so I would like opinions.So far I've collected 72 mb ram and a 233 mhz P2 processor.But the best pci card I have in here is a Matrox Mystique with 2 mb ram plus :P So I would like opinions on what card I should pick up.I was thinking of a …

Re: Space Quest 6

in DOS
I always thought Space Quest worked on XP flawlessly 😖 Maybe it was before SP2

Re: SPYCRAFT Win 95/98 Version

in DOS
I think Myst Masterpiece edition won't run at all.But you can always try the XP/2k patch and the guide here: http://www.mystcommunity.com/board/index.php? … 79&#entry322779 Also you can try the original myst which runs perfectly on XP for some reason 😖

Re: DOS CD Drivers

in DOS
I guess you're right.Don't get me wrong, I love Dosbox (:P) but ok I thought running virtual pc would give me full speed.Seems like I will have to bring back my 166 mhz.

Re: DOS CD Drivers

in DOS
DosFreak you might be right.But Dosbox isn't pure DOS,it's emulation.Having pure DOS on a PC is much better.

Re: DOS CD Drivers

in DOS
Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote: F2bnp wrote: Of course!I put them on C:\DOS Wait, wait. Both CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT should be put on C:\ instead of C:\DOS. Of course 🤣 😜 Don't think I'm a noob or smth. Jorpho thanks for the links!They might come in handy.Will try them out tommorow.

Re: DOS CD Drivers

in DOS
Start\Turn Off Computer\Restart in MS DOS Mode 😜 That's the one I'm talking about but there is no cd rom drive.Only floppy and hard drive.

My PC's

Main PC P4 2.8 Ghz with HT 1,5 gb ram GeForce 7600 GS 256 mb RAM QDI Superb 4FX 80 gb hard drive WinXP Professional with SP2 Abandonware PC P1 166 Mhz MMX 64 mb ram Matrox Millennium II 4 MB 4 GB hard drive

DOS CD Drivers

in DOS
Hello this is my first post here and I was wondering if you could help me.As an abandonware fan I tried to setup a Virtual PC using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.I also have another PC for that reason but since it takes too much space,I thought it was a good idea to try the Virtual PC.So I installed …

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