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Re: Bad luck with eBay game on 3.5" disks...

in DOS
yeah, cd's are way safer, but floppy games... they rule!!! 😊 I made images of all my floppy games, only uw1 was damaged... I wonder if there is a place to download some disk images....

Bad luck with eBay game on 3.5" disks...

in DOS
damn, I grabbed in nice cosmetical condition ULTIMA UNDERWORLD I from eBay, but unfortunatelly ALL 4 disks had read errors... bad luck! 😢 it was the hit squad re-release...

Re: My Most Recent Auction Score

in PC Emulation
my 386sx/20 PS1/pro had an onboard 512kb vga... and having looked at the board I cannot recall a known name for a vga chip... but I do remember some OAK ones... maybe that's it... in win3.0/3.1 one just used the standar vga driver... oh, now I see it was a Texas Instruments vga... look here: http:// …

Re: Is SCC-1 compatible to lapc/mt32?

in PC Emulation
now I find that both devices are a set... I was confused because some eBay auctions are only for the breakout box... still I am always looking for a LAPC-I ... I don't like all these external stuff... I want it all inside the tower 😁

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