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Re: MIDI input patch

The input patch doesn't change how midi output works (aside that because of some refactoring in midi.cpp it could require a manual merging of patch chunks for that file). I haven't been looking at MT32 patches though. So nothing yet.

Re: Experimental VGA patch

I only tried Copper (long time ago) on a Matrox Millenium I, but guess it's not the card which this demo was developed on. There was some flickering, but effects were mostly there. But it seems you figured it out... 😀

MIDI input patch

I finally got to finishing the MIDI input support that I started in early 2007. Location: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1679781&group_id=52551&atid=467234 Please test it if you have interest in midi input functionallity (but also GUS and SB MIDI output). Changes: -alsa and …

Re: Dosbox sound error - linux

On my Fedora8 setup timidity works out of box. Probably, look at how to load linux sequencer kernel modules. Or if they are loaded, check if your setup creates right device files for alsa sequencer (maybe you don't have udev set up properly?). Alsa sources come with makedev script (for static …

Re: Dosbox sound error - linux

what is your output of "aconnect -o" ? If there is nothing (except midi through), then your sound card doesn't support MIDI and you need to use timidity which is a Software MIDI synthesizer for Linux. e.g. you start it with: timidity -iAv -Os (Just make sure that you install both timidity and patch …

Re: Dosbox sound error - linux

Start timidity / timidity++ (with proper command-line parameters) if your sound card doesn't support MIDI. If it doesn't autodetect, look at available output ports with "aconnect -o" and write right value (e.g 23:0 etc., of your sequencer output device) to "config" in [midi] section of dosbox.conf. …

Re: Experimental VGA patch

"Copper" relies on a fancy dac or crtc programming, some effects don't work with vgaonly (after copper bars, there should be stretching of a helicopter screen but it remains static, also "zooming" effect is problematic) http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=2048 Also I couldn't get proper colors in …

Re: Buggy COM1 suport on real COM1 hw

Ok, I am a programmer with 20 years of experiences - this is not problem for me to correct it if I need it. I programmed for several open source project but so many arrogancy as in this forum I see first time. Then you should know that emulation is a different world. It's not that each and every …

Re: Newbie - filters and screen mode changes

That hwscale= thing - what is that?? Look not to bring the topic back to light, but THIS is exactly why people complain about the attitude of regulars here. The man just asked a question, you don't need to be crabby. And he isn't crabby. Maybe he just doesn't remember that it's the old option that …

Status update

GUS midi in *should* be working, I spent some time playing with it. With Fast Tracker 2 and some other trackers it was working, maybe even with Ultramid, AFAIR. (I didn't test the updated patch, just remade diffs, as last ones were really ugly and probably didn't compile). Next is to redownload some …

Re: True aspect ratio of VGA mode 13h (320x200)?

in PC Emulation
Miki Maus: yep, I'm talking about DOS version. It had increased vertical resolution, which was obviously not meant for 4:3 screens. So the ball was not displayed as a circle, but stretched. 'm wondering if there's a display/machine with a special aspec tratio, e.g. 3:4 or simiar that was displaying …

Re: The Prompt command

I've seen a game script which utilizes prompt to ask a question. Except a visual change, it remains fully functional in dosbox. Something like Copy code to clipboard 1 echo Do you want to start a game now? (type Y or N) 2 prompt ? Of course Y.bat and N.bat are in the same directory 🙄

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