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Alien Trilogy problem with 16-bit color mode

I have one simple question: Does anybody run this game under DOSBOX in 16-bit color mode? I've downloaded a patch for european version (because I have an european version), during installing I've chosen an option 16-bit/Pentium processor. After installing the game runs only in 256-color mode... My …

Theme Hospital CD won't install

Ok. I have original ISO from Theme Hospital. I've mounted is as ISO and run setup. After I've chosen language version DOSBOX hangs and in the console window I saw this: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/3559/dosboxqz9.th.png Here is my DOSBOX config: fullscreen=false fulldouble=false fullresolution …

Re: The Settlers

Hmm. I can use GUS as music and as sound card. I don't know, from where I've downloaded this version of "The Settlers", but I know, how make GUS to work with The Settlers :) First, run ultramid exe. After this, run sound setup and set option FM-MUSIC- Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Card and FX Effects - …

Re: Krush Kill N Destroy

Hi! I've heard, there is a patch for this game, he fixes graphic problems on S3 based GFX cards (screen flickering). I've googled, and I've found two sites with this patch. First is closed, on second I have to pay for downloading. Can somebody send me this patch or an info, where I can download this …

DOSBOX Sound level - is it possible?

in DOSBox General
Hi! I'm using a headset. When I'm speaking through skype and I'm using simultaneously DOSBOX, a sound from DOSBOX is VERY HIGH. Is it possible to make sound level from DOSBOX higher or lower, but without lowering or highering main system sound level?

Ecstatica 2 - can run under GUS-emulation?

Hi all... I have an ISO full version of Ecstatica 2. And I can't force this game to run under GUS-emulation. First, I describe my problem: I've mounted ISO, then I try to run "ultramid.exe" and after "install.bat". The installation starts, and the installer ask me about my music card. I answer " …

Re: Genewars

Very funny, indeed. Ok. I've solved my problem. I've edited file called "config.ini" and give right paths. In "CD" section and "InstallDrive" section must be the same path given - the path to installed game. After that, a game works. I have a ripped version and I haven't music. But a game works...

Re: Cavewars

in DOS
Cavewars version 1.20. Works fine on DOSBOX CVS 0.72 from gulikoza.

Re: Genewars

wd...When I write "installation" I mean "copying". I've downloaded INSTALLED (I think so, but I'm not sure) version. In other posts I've read, this game can be up to 98 MB disk space...

Re: Genewars

I'm using D.O.G. I've only mounted C: drive, that's everything... haven't installed this game, just copied...I don't remember where I found this game, maybe on H.O.T.U...

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