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Re: Sam and Max Hanging Notes SC-55

Was this issue ever solved? I just hit it with Dark Forces, tried the Dehacker patch which apparently has some fixes for MIDI, but it doesn't change anything. Hanging notes appear just after the intro or at the very beginning of the first level, basically making the game unplayable. I'm using an SC- …

Re: DOS RPG Hidden Gems?

in Milliways
Have you tried the RPG Codex list? There are RPG from old to modern, but each entry has a release date, so you can quickly see, whether it's one for DOS: https://rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=11193

Texas Instruments TMS34082 3-D Graphics Library

I normally don't care about 3D graphics that can't do texturing, but since I've got my IrisVision set and managed to setup its development environment (SDK + and compiler) I want another "early" 3D challenge. Most people know TIGA cards, elianda and GeekDot describe how to setup and program them, …

Re: PS/2 MCA Soundoptions

Hi there, I have got an IBM PS/2 Model 57 486SLC2 and this machine has only PC-Speaker and no sound-card/device. I have looked for an Soundblaster-Card but these are very rare an expensive as MCA device. I have already found out that there exits a opl3-card for mca. But LGR showed in his video that …

Re: How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?

I tried SiS Rabbit, C&T Peak/DM and Topcat MR-BIOS. None of them can enable the cache on the boards. It's kind of disappointing because these are all high performance chipsets that could have really benefited from MR-BIOS tweaks. Only the Topcat chipset can be excused, because this chipset doesn't …

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