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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

I think a large card is nice because most of the best sound cards were big. But I do have one computer where GUS classic just barely fits so there is a good reason for smaller size if possible. I think Orpheus II should have had 16 MB RAM on board and no SIMM socket at all. And it should have been …

GUS Extreme MPU401 port conflict

I'm trying to get GUS Extreme and Roland MPU-401AT to work at the same time. I want the Roland at port 330h and IRQ2 and I'm not going to change that. Now the problem is that McCake does not work with the Roland when GUS Extreme is installed. I've never had that problem with any other GUS card so it …

Re: GUS Classic and AWE32 daisy chain order

I highly recommend to connect SB to GUS (any model) Line-In and not the other way. Much less likely to have issues. Games mess with SB mixer volumes, some SB models have very low quality Line-In etc. BTW, GUS classic rev 3.4 does not have a mixer (later has) and that makes rev 3.4 the best classic. …

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