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In need of GMail invitation

in Milliways
Those reading Userfriendly.org may find this hilarious. It's not terribly important, but I'd be grateful if someone who has an account there invited me to GMail. As some sort of forum regular, I think I'm trustworthy enough 😁

Early Multiplayer DOS games

in Milliways
Every now and then, I meet with a friend with whom I have competed in Star Control and other classics since we were young kids. Basically, the games we play now are the same as in the good old days. We especially like those same/split-screen multiplayer games where joy and hate can be shared best. …

Re: Win 3.11 - Dust

It'll be pretty sad that DosBox would be the prime emulator for both DOS/Windows 3.x programs since Microsoft can't even bother to support their own customers. (Well...obviously Home Users are not really Microsoft customers...more like consumers/sheep). I think we are rather lucky that Microsoft …

Re: Dongle support doesn't work

We all know Dosbox is mainly for games, but I wouldn't complain if someone implemented direct LPT access. It's not important, and I can't think of a game that would make use of it. But AFAIK Dosbox is already the first pick for old DOS applications and it wouldn't hurt if its functionality is …

Re: Direct serial port working

I tried your latest version with Stunt Driver and Warcraft 1 and both don't work. I can confirm that Tyrian and Command and Conquer work fine. Stunt Driver seems to have serious problems since it doesn't even initialize the modem. Warcraft initializes the modem but then aborts dialing with the error …

Re: Replacement for Windows Firewall

in Milliways
I am connected to the Internet via a Router. It's only that my notebook is often connected to other networks where I can't rely on the security measures which are in place there. Edit: The only virus I ever had on my computer was the infamous Sasser (apart from a Tequila in the good old days) who …

Re: Replacement for Windows Firewall

in Milliways
Sweet Lion of Zion, 30 MB seems quite a lot. I wonder if anyone has used Winsock Firewall. It is developed by a single person which is why I wouldn't trust it very much - but it is open source. Another one I found on the web is named Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition. It seems to be …

Replacement for Windows Firewall

in Milliways
I'd like to finally get rid of the Windows Firewall. I'm searching for a spartanic application with just the features needed (obviously more features than the Windows Firewall - including opening port _ranges_). It's no problem if it has unneeded features, I just don't want a resource hog or a …

Re: Codec used for captured videos

It seems to be a weird codec thing, I suppose. If I start Media Player Classic and open the video there and at the same time open Windows Media Player it plays right in WMP. It does not, however play right if I start it directly in WMP without opening MPC before. MPC and WMP seem to be in conflict …

Re: Codec used for captured videos

An example from WC2 to demonstrate the audio being not in synch (actually the audio is too soon). It seems to get slightly better than this if you increase the cycles, but not by much. Checked again, seems to be invariant under amount of cycles. Qbix: Attachment removed

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