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Input needed for cx5x86 build

This weekend I decided to slap together a Cyrix 5x86 from parts I had lying around, and it looks something like this currently: -Cyrix 5x86 100GP Stepping 1 Rev. 3 -Asus PVI486SP3 w/256kb L2 -Integral ET6100 / VPR6100 4MB -Adaptec AHA-2940U2W -Pioneer 16X DVD ATAPI -3x Pioneer 4X CD SCSI http://lh5. …

Re: Allround system

Be careful with those SOJs. Make sure: -they're FPM and not EDO -the correct density -at least as fast as the DRAM already installed The EDO RAMs are pretty common. The only way to know for sure if you are scavenging another card is to look up the part number in the datasheet.

Re: Allround system

I was really just trying to be humourous about the mismatched panels. I nitpick about that sort of thing, but I completely understand it is not always easy to get matching parts. So now for a real recommendation. I can see empty RAM sockets on that ET4000W32P. You should really fill it up so you can …

Re: TI486SXL2 problems

I finally made some progress on this problem. I was lucky enough to find a document on the internet that explained all the register values for both the Cyrix and TI CPUs. As it turns out the TI chip is not 100% register compatible with Cyrix. The one major difference is that Cyrix uses CCR0 bit6 for …

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