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Re: Best/Fastest ISA GFX Card?

Well, according to that list the card with ET4000W32i chip on an ISA card isn't nearly as fast as I though it would be. It seems you're best off with your Mach64. However, that list only shows the results for the VLB version of mach64, not ISA. Personally I find the list to be a little useless …

Re: Best/Fastest ISA GFX Card?

For ISA, eh? Unfortunately you can't have an ISA card that is fast and both DOS and Windows it seems. DOS likes DRAM, and Windows likes VRAM. But, I am assuming you are asking about mostly about speed under DOS games. I have heard that the Mach64 DRAM card is pretty quick. I've only used the VRAM …

Re: Allround system (updated)

I think you're confusing the am5x86 and the am486. I do recall that the am486 was sold as either writeback or writethough and could not be changed, but I do remember reading (and it is my experience) that all am5x86 chips are set as WT by default (to be compatible with older motherboards) and can be …

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