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Re: Tillamook

I ordered one of these a week ago, I bet it will take 300mhz easy with little bump to the volts, and I have heard rumors they can work at 400. I strongly suspect that all of the non-tilly pentiums are in fact at the .35u process, since it is only these mobile ones that take the 1.9v setting, …

Re: ABIT TX5 PS2 Problem.

in DOS
Here is your board: http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/A/AB … ium-AB-TX5.html Found the manual on Abit's FTP site. Here is the pinout 1 Mouse data 2 No connection 3 Ground 4 +5VDC 5 Ground 6 Mouse clock

Re: Good AGP VGA

A x850 would not work for Compiz From the compiz site: http://wiki.compiz.org/ATI%20with%20AIGLX For 1st-generation through 5th-generation Radeon cards, the open source 'ati' driver, in combination with AIGLX, is the recommended method for running Compiz. This range extends from the Radeon DDR/SDR/ …

Re: Good AGP VGA

For you motherboard you can get the 3.06 Northwood, it's the max for a 533 bus and they work well. Don't know about running a prescott in there though. Prescott has a longer pipeline which makes branch mis-prediction more costly. This is why may seems to be less powerful clock for clock. It really …

Re: 3D Accelerator Comparison Thread

Something interesting about the Raedon 7000 is how it's hardware is supposed to only be DirectX 7 but it supports feature from DirectX 8. That detail sent me on quite the wild goose chase; using that card I played Civilization 4 and so assumed that the game only needed DX7 level graphics. What I …

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