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A question about Creative Game Blaster

On the 8-bit Creative Game Blaster card, on its left hand side, there are 5 ICs, labelled IC6, IC7, IC8, IC9, and IC10. What do they do? On the PCB, they are labelled LS74, LS125, LS08, LS32, and LS138. For instance, on the LS125 chip, the chip itself is labelled HD74LS125AP Thanks a lot for any …

What Trident chipset does this card have?

Here is a 1MB STB Sprint/32 VL card, using the Trident chipset. I wonder what chipset it has? Is it the - 9400CXi (slow) 9440AGi (faster) 9440 (without a suffix) - fastest! Quite some time ago, I talked about this card here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=28497 Thanks a lot for any comments! …

Re: Question about Roland SCC-1

I've noticed something about this 3 digit code. If the first digit is 1, then I notice on some of the smaller chips, I see 91. I'm fairly sure this means 1991. If the first digit is 2, then I see 92 on some of the smaller chips. If the first digit is 3, then I see 93 on some of the smaller chips. So …

Re: GUS PnP versions

Thanks a lot. So the Pro has 8.5MB, when it has 2x 4MB SIMMs? The regular has a maximum of 8MB? Never 8.5MB? Please could you explain the CD-ROM audio connectors? Looking at your two photos, they seem to be about the same? Is one for ATAPI (is that also called IDE?), and what is C.L. - is that the …

GUS PnP versions

Re: the Gravis PnP, is there any difference in the PCB, between the "regular" version and the Pro version? I have a PnP card, that came out of a Pro box, and it's got a microphone power switch on the PCB. Does the "regular" card have this too? Thanks a lot for any info.

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