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Re: So, ReactOS

An emulator like Dosbox or a fork of Dosbox for Windows 32bit games - yes! That's what I want ;) You'll hear no counterargument from me :). Now that we've established the widely felt interest for such a piece of software, would anyone know where to find such a thing, or a group who might be working …

So, ReactOS

Maybe not interesting for everyone, but I figured it was worth mentioning here. The folks over at ReactOS seem to be working on a game emulator based on their Windows NT core and some other stuff, like ntvdm. And it should also be capable of doing what DOSBox does. It is still early days, and no …

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

How about another approach: What are the features that the developers envisage for DOSBox 0.75 and how far along to completion do you estimate those features are? I am not interested in when it will be released. As the saying goes; the first 90% of the work takes the first 90% of the time, and the …

Re: Simcity 3000

in Windows
As already noted, SC3000 is not a DOS game, so nothing about DOSBox will help you. This is not a Windows game advice forum.

Re: A patch and a report of installing W98SE

Don't get me wrong, but what is so special having win98 on DOSbox? the minute you go windows things like cga/ega/vga/soundblaster are not important and there are way better virtualizers for windows out there... Presumably, there is a perceived gap for fans of older software between DOS programs, …

Wine using DosBox

I understand that the Wine project is using DosBox for something these days. Does anyone know what for? Are they forking? Are they using all of it? Just curious.. I'm presuming they will use it for Win9x support, given that they kicked that out of mainstream Wine a few months ago. Or just to have a …

Re: Windows 9x

WINE has been adding D3D support lately. Their tests indicate it is getting pretty good, but your mileage will vary. And WINE is not the easiest thing to install. Crossover Games 8.0 is due out fairly soon , as are new versions of Bordeaux . These WINE frontends should see wider selection of titles …

for documentation: dosbox.conf file on Mac

IIRC the ~/dosbox.conf file does not exist on a Mac for DOSBox 0.73 and the contents are found instead in ~/library/preferences/DOSBox 0.73 Preferences and this file is automatically made when you first start DOSBox. If I do recall correctly, perhaps this would be a good thing to add to http://www. …

Re: here's my problem

Just for your education, there is fairly well-written text that can explain why you get hostile (actually exasperated) responses. You can find it here: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html. Best wishes, Oscar

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