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5.25" usb external drives

I think i browsed a store's site where they had one of these. A 5.25" external USB drive. That entire thing is an amazing sign of the times. Who would need something like that, besides retro-gaming fans, and which company would keep such a product on today's market. 😜

wolf3d & spear really slow on DosBOX

I recently got the nostalgia thing, and wanted to try wolf3d and spear of destiny with dosbox, and im noticing that both games play extremely slow under dosbox. I remember they didnt run as slow as this before, and both games are very "light" games for dosbox, theyre not build games. I've looked …

Re: Blood Internet Multi-player List

in DOS
leileilol wrote: it's built right into dosbox i'm sure you already knew that. READMEs are great too. Could you have coded up the networking aspect built into dosbox then? Same thing.

Re: Blood Internet Multiplayer List (DOSBox way)

in DOS
You don't need a game specific guide for this. I could probably code a php web site that has a "guide to playing blah on dosbox" by using simple word replacing. Yeah, anyone could, but could you actualy code up the networking program needed to actually host the client-server game ?? :lol: : …

Re: Garbled graphics in GTA 1

What if i want to run not so old games like Arcanum or Sacrifice in a virtual environment nowadays? Both games need DirectX, i dont know if they need hardware acceleration. But if any game does need it, would they run at reasonable speed in a guest system under Virtualbox for example?

Re: Garbled graphics in GTA 1

Quite simply retro WINDOWS gamers (as opposed to DOS games which have DOSBox as an easy solution) need to invest in one of the emulation titles mentioned above. I use Virtual PC with an old Win98 OS disk I have to give me a Win98 system within my XP system. This allows me to play games like Star …

rott online

Hello, Im trying to start a more or less regular, stable online number of multiplayer games of ROTT, and Dosbox seems to be so far the only mature option to play ROTT online. I would like to see if ROTT can run at decent framerates with dosbox online too. So, if anyone is interested in trying out …

Re: windows licences

When you buy something it's yours to keep, to sell, re-sell, give away or toss to a trash bin. If youre allowed to do that you didnt buy it, you rented it. These EULAs are for not other reason than to secure big profits for microsoft and the likes at the expense of people's rights.

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