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Re: Bought a netbook

Hmm, it could be probably adapted to run xp driver chipsets. There's a program that can be installed on win9x that allows it to run programs that were made for xp and later. I dont know if it works for drivers too nonetheless.

Re: Random Thoughts - Modern 3D Graphics in DOS?

A dedicated Dos-platform 3D game would have been great, though. The game will have almost exclusive control of the system resources. (Unlike Windows systems, which use up plenty of them, just for the GUI itself.) Wasnt the first Quake such dos-platform 3d game? If it's not, please let me know. …

Re: BLOOD coming to GOG

According to one blood fan site, it's been established that Atari doesnt have the source code, althought they too mentioned that it wasnt up to Atari to release it since they didnt own the ip. Something that apparently has proven wrong from this annoucement from Gog, since it's part of their Atari …

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