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Re: windows licences

swaaye wrote: temptingthelure wrote: Or just avoid all the problems, and use Linux. 😀 And gain new problems. 😀 Yes of course, new problems, instead of the same old ones. 😀

Re: Why do modern video games suck so badly part two

OK, maybe this is a not-feasable idea, but, since there so much enthusiasm and rhetoric on what makes a game truly a "game", why dont the dosbox (or the whole vogons community) try to make a game of their own? A classic, dos-era, microprose-like resource constrained game? Some of the posters here …

Re: Virtualbox 2.1 released

thanks valnar! Ah ok, so it's better to wait until they make virtualbox better then? Do you know of another virtualizer that works better? Vmware costs, and VPC isnt very good. I tried parallels for windows, but it's light years behind its mac counterpart, and i couldnt get Xen server to work. 🙁

Re: Virtualbox 2.1 released

Hi, i just registered to know more about this virtualbox. So does this new 3d acceleration work in windows guests? I read that it only worked in linux guest under linux or windows hosts, which is useless to me, since i want to be able to run linux virtually on it with 3d. And also probably older …

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