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Re: CuteMouse not working properly

Jo22 wrote on 2018-10-28, 14:00: Here's another mouse driver to try. ~4KB, I think. Hope it works for you! Good luck! 😀 This driver worked to solve my issues with CTmouse misbehaving with some games also. Solved the problem and even loaded high- gravy on top of its already small footprint.

Re: Advice for good 2d/3d win95 games build

I decided that I would just go with a single card solution and the Diamond Speedstar 64 (ISA) carrying the Cirrus Logic 5429 chip. This should do well for the 486 66 machine. The Voodoo one, or maybe a two... since the 95 machine is powered with a 400mhz p3.... will be running with a Cirrus Logic …

Re: Advice for good 2d/3d win95 games build

Binary, thanks for the response! I have a 486dx2 66 with Windows for workgroups running on it. I "could" bump that to a dx2 100 and still be able to slow it down with turbo function for older DOS games. Thinking Perfect General 2, or even Railroad Tycoon. I too had thought to use the voodoo card …

Advice for good 2d/3d win95 games build

Hello everybody, I come today for some advice on the video portion of my Win95 build. CRT Display and all original hardware of the period. Pentium 2 400MHZ processor with a fresh install of Win95 OSR 2 - The mainboard offers multiple ISA and PCI slots. AWE 64 taking one ISA Slot. I have just …

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