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Re: Starfield is released

maybe, just maybe, bethesda has these bugs intentionally for the "free" publicity it gets when people take a warm steaming dump on the game? I mean, thats my whole point. This bug seems so common, it feels like this should have been taken care of so much earlier. Also, my favorite game reviewer …

Re: Starfield is released

BG started dev in 2016 with the acquisition of the D&D license. it probably started a bit earlier than that, as I dont think you would bother paying for the license if the game doesn't have something started. Starfield was registered as a trademark in 2013. so a good ten years among friends. also, …

Re: Starfield is released

Game development has become so complex that there is no way that any studio is able to see all the bugs in house, and they need the bug reports from the hundreds of thousands of players in the public to get the polish. That is just the reality, no professional in house testers can beat the tens of …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
H3nrik V! wrote on 2023-09-10, 20:41: I actually think that French keyboards are also somewhat different from the qwerty layout. A wise man once said; "I've got four-twenty-ten-nine problems and counting in French is one of them."

Re: Starfield is released

I got a refund. I was super excited to play this after BG3. But during the early access period, I saw it was no better than Failout 76. A true bugthesda mess. BG3 has RUINED my expectations for gaming. maybe next year after modders do all the work to polish out the bugs, and its on sale will I …

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