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Re: My 486 Box

This may be a dumb question, but I have a spare SB16 CT2940 with an ATAPI IDE port on it, and I want to install it alongside my SB16 CT2230 just so that I can use the ATAPI IDE controller on it (I noticed recently that the proprietary CDROM drive was starting to die, and I have tons of IDE CDROM …

My 486 Box

This is what I use for playing old DOS games like DooM and Terminal Velocity. :D Here are the specs: CPU: AM5x86 133MHz (upgraded from a 486 DX2 66MHz, which was in turn upgraded from a 486 DX 33MHz) Video Card: 2MB VESA ATI Mach64 (slow, but excellent for true-color wallpapers in Win 3.1 :D) Sound …

Re: Running Warcraft II on Windows XP

in DOS
That sounds like a good idea, but the only problem is, is that most of the other machines on my LAN are too slow to run Warcraft II under DosBox (many of them are just spare Pentium II/III boxes), so I have to run it directly. EDIT: Never mind, I'll just run it under '98. 😁

Running Warcraft II on Windows XP

in DOS
Hi there. :D I'm trying to get Warcraft II running on Windows XP through VDMSound, and it's playable, but the music's slower than it should be, and the whole thing is kinda choppy.Do you guys have any tips on how to speed things up? Thanx. First post, BTW. :D P.S. I have successfully gotten it to …

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