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Re: My new PC build thread

Not bad, but it seems like the three extra PCI-e slots and 850W PSU is a bit overkill for running a single midrange video card... I'm interested to know, too, why did you have watercooling before, or, rather, why watercool when you had a board that couldn't be overclocked? Was it just for noise?

Re: What monitor do you use?

Why not try to find a used CRT at a thrift shop/garage sale/Craigslist/wherever? If you're not thrilled with any of the LCD options, it shouldn't be too hard to turn up a servicable CRT, they seem to be plentiful and cheap even around the tech wasteland where I live... Or is there some other reason …

Re: (Terminal Velocity)

So this is to imply you found it but didn't immediately pick it up? I dunno much about that particular game, but my policy is, when it's an oldschool game, in the original box, for $1, I buy it and worry about the details later. Even if the game ends up sucking, usually you at least get some cool …

Re: My IBM PC 330

I know this is an old thread, but I figured I'd offer my insights, as I own a PC350... the larger variant of the PC330 with five expansion slots versus three. After a bit of research, here's what I found about them: There were actually several different versions of these machines, under the same …

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